film ordering step one

Step 1

Place your order online through our website on desktop or mobile and check your email for confirmation.

film ordering step two

Step 2

Package up your films with your full name and Order ID and send to: DS Colour Labs Ltd, 720 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 2DW 

Please ensure that you include your order number.

film ordering step three

Step 3

Sit back, relax and await your return postage or We-Transfer link to be sent over to your email. It’s that easy!

PLEASE NOTE: When arranging the delivery of your film to us, please ensure the correct postal price is paid.  Most parcels will be sent as a large letter or small parcel via Royal Mail.

35mm Colour (C41)

  • Standard Res Scans
  • WeTransfer Scans
  • 7x5
  • Prints
  • Not Required
  • Print Finish
  • No Border
  • Print Options
  • 35mm Standard cut in 4`s
  • Negatives Cut
  • Fuji 200 36exp
  • Replacement Film
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